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Boji Stone Cafe...
Coffee House & Bookstore

Drink Me...
Whether you like it HOT or COLD, ICED or FROZEN, STRAIGHT UP or ON THE ROCKS, we bet you will find something here that will make your taste buds tingle, your lips smile and your tummy say "THANK YOU!"...
Keep in mind these are some of our favs... Feel free to DEVIATE & make up your own concoction like the rebel you are.

Specialty Espresso Drinks...

  • Cloud Nine... Raspberry & White Chocolate
  • Chilli Coffee Toffee... Chocolate & English Toffee
  • Funkey Monkey... Chocolate, Caramel & Banana
  • Raspberry Truffle... Raspberry & Chocolate
  • Almond Joy... Chocolate, Almond, & Coconut
  • Cinnamon Roll... White Chocolate, Caramel & Cinnamon
  • Mocha Almond... Chocolate & Almond
  • Turtle... Chocolate, Caramel & Praline
  • Zebra... White Chocolate & Dark Chocolate
  • Peppermint Patty... Chocolate, White Chocolate & Peppermint
  • Butterscotch... White Chocolate & Butter Rum
  • White Chocolate Macadamia Nut... Do you really need me to describe this?
  • Toasted Mocha Marshmallow... Chocolate & Toasted Marshmallow
  • Chocolate Caramel Nut... Chocolate, Caramel & Hazelnut
  • Irish Cream Amaretto... Irish Cream & Amaretto DUH!
  • Maple Nut Goodie... Caramel, Maple & Macadamia Nut
  • Bananarama... White Chocolate, Caramel & Banana
  • Zinger... White Chocolate, Raspberry & Coconut 
  • Tony... Triple Espresso and a hint of vanilla


     3.25 (SMALL)  3.75 (MEDIUM)  4.25 (LARGE) 

3.75/4.25 (FROZEN OR ICED)  .25 (WHIP CREAM)  .50 (SOY MILK)

Add Extra Shots of Espresso for a more


Now Offering
Sugar Free Frozen Frappuccinos!
Feel free to make up your own creations by picking flavors from our list of Sugar Free Syrups & Sauces or trust us and pick one of our Favorites

  • Caramel                            
  • Chocolate
  • White Chocolate
  • French Vanilla
  • Natural Vanilla Bean
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • English Toffee
  • Coconut
  • Almond
  • Irish Cream
  • Black Cherry
  • Hazelnut
Some of our

Chocolate Caramel Nut... Chocolate, Caramel, Hazelnut, Espresso & Milk
Raspberry Truffle... Chocolate, Raspberry, Espresso & Milk
Almond Joy... Chocolate, Coconut, Almond, Espresso & Milk
Heath Bar... Chocolate, Caramel, Toffee, Espresso & Milk
Milky Way... Chocolate, Caramel, Espresso & Milk
Zebra... White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Espresso & Milk
Cloud Nine... White Chocolate, Raspberry, Espresso & Milk
Nutty Irishman... Irish Cream, Hazelnut, Espresso & Milk

We proudly use ALL NATURAL TORANI Sauces & Syrups because they are the best!  We have a HUGE assortment of over 4 dozen flavors to choose from.   To list all the possible drink combinations would be almost impossible unless you were Stephen Hawking or some other Big Brained Big Shot with a lot of time on their hands.

Classic Espresso Beverages

Espresso... an intense flavorful 1 ounce extract of premium gourmet dark roast coffee
2.25(single) 2.75 (double)
Cafe Latte... Espresso & Fresh Steamed Milk topped with a velvety milk foam
3.25 (sm) 3.75 (med) 4.25 (lg)
Cappuccino... Espresso with equal parts Steamed & Foamed Milk 
3.25 (sm) 3.75 (med) 4.25 (lg)
Cafe Americano... Espresso and quadruple filtered hot water 
2.25 (sm) 2.75 (med) 3.25 (lg)
Espresso Macchaito... Shot of espresso topped with a dollop of milk foam
2.50 (single) 3.00 (double)
Espresso con Panna... Shot of espresso topped with Whipped Cream
2.50 (single) 3.00 (double)
Breve... Espresso & Steamed Half & Half
3.75 (sm) 4.25 (med) 4.75 (lg)






Assorted Pastries (selection varies by day)

Chocolate Biscotti
Almond Biscotti
Blueberry Scone
Raspberry & White Chocolate Scone
Caramel Apple Scones
Blueberry Muffin
Carrot Cake Muffins
Chocolate Cheesecake Muffins
Chocolate Toffee Muffins
Caramel Pecan Muffins
Red Velvet Muffins
Caramel Apple Muffins
Cinammon Rolls


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