Boji Stone Cafe...
Coffee House & Bookstore


Take our Monkey on a trip 
& earn a FREE Latte... 

Has anyone seen my Speedo?

 Living Large in Myrtle Beach

 Hanging out at Disney...

Mooch and the crew at Crabby Mike's

Mooch & Vince Lombardi

Anyone need a ticket?  I got tickets here!

Relaxing Boat Ride in Thailand

Has anyone seen my pants?

                                                     It's Amazing what 3$  can get you in Thailand...

NO! I don't want to save money on my car insurance...Now leave me alone before I peel you like a ripe banana.

 Man This Guy is even Creepier in Asia

My Buddy DOUG ordered me Monkey Ball Soup... He has issues.

Hey pal. Just because you paid for my trip does not mean you get to play with my tootsies, besides it tickles. NO means NO!

What's up G?

 I prefer my rocks with a splash of scotch

Ride em Cowboy!

One joke about EXTINCTION, ASTEROIDS & PREPARATION - H and this bag of bones flips!  Allosaurus? He needs to be called Badbreathosaurus! 
Anyone got a tic-tac?

Can someone tell me why this Highway is in Colorado?

Can someone call PETA? MY Monkey Butt is frozen.

Brian Head...Much nicer than Butte.

Ummm... Where?

I swear I heard a banjo.

Visiting my homies that are locked up.

Where the heck am I?  Remind me to fire my Travel Agent.

We have MANY more pics to come from all over the globe... Be patient while we peel them off the Boji Stone wall and figure out how to stick em on this page so everyone can Love our Monkey!

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